Six For Spring: Dive Into the New Cultural Season at These Essential Events on Stage and Screen

Michigan Ave. Magazine | Thomas Connors | March 2, 2018

Presented by Chicago Media Project, this documentary film fest is a real feast for those whose taste for reality could never be satisfied by pampered housewives and ego-stroked bachelors. “In a world where ‘news’ is delivered in 140 characters or less and the truth behind social media is rarely questioned, the more deeply nuanced exploration of stories, issues and individuals within a feature-length doc is a wonderful antidote,” says Paula Froehle, co-founder and CEO of Chicago Media Project. Last year’s roster ran from The Islands and the Whales (a look at how environmental changes impact life on the Faroe Islands) to Obit, which tracked the travails of the obituary writers of The New York Times. This year’s lineup includes Oscar winner Morgan Neville’s Fred Rogers picture, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?.

All-access pass $250, April 5-8, Davis Theater, 4614 N. Lincoln Ave., 773.769.3999,

Paula Froehle