The Mix — Some cool things to do April 6-April 12, 2018

By Miriam Di Nunzio

At the DOC10 festival, viewers don’t just watch promising new documentaries, they discuss them with the directors and other key figures. This year’s edition, continuing through April 8 at the Davis Theater, 4614 N. Lincoln, includes the Ruth Bader Ginsburg profile “RBG” (9 p.m. April 7) and recent Sundance winners “On Her Shoulders” (4 p.m. April 7) and “Crime + Punishment” (9 p.m. April 6). Closing out the fest at 7:45 p.m Sunday will be “The King,” about which the Sun-Times’ Richard Roeper writes, “I can’t think of a less-inspired documentary subject than Elvis Presley — which makes it all the more impressive that Eugene Jarecki’s ‘The King’ challenges us to look at the life and legacy of Elvis in ways I never imagined.” For the full festival schedule, visit

Paula Froehle