Doc10 Screens the Year’s Best at the Davis Theater -- Reel Chicago

The 4th annual Doc10 Film Festival’s 2019 lineup is an entertaining variety of undeniable relevance taking place April 11-14 at The Davis Theater (4614 N. Lincoln Ave.)

The program opens with Rachel Lears’ critically acclaimed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez documentary, Knock Down The House, and closes with the Emmy Award-winning story of Director John Chester’s attempt to build a sustainable-farm, The Biggest Little Farm.

In between, nearly a dozen films cover topics ranging from an “experiential piece of eco-horror” (Anthropocene: The Human Epoch) to an “eye-opening ride” with a family that runs a private ambulance service in Mexico City (Midnight Family).

And, of course, there’s Penny Lane’s hilarious Hail Satan, about a “five-year-old rabble-rousing organization that’s more like a gang of political pranksters than devil-worshipping cultists.”

Paula Froehle