2019 DOC10 Film Festival Preview -- A Movie Guy

AMovieGuy.com's Coverage of the 2019 DOC10 Film Festival!

The Doc10 Film Festival is in its fourth year and yet, this is the first time I am covering this fantastic festival, taking place April 11th-14th at the Davis Theater in Chicago. It's no surprise that this festival continues to become popular. Year after year, the documentary form grows as the type of storytelling that audiences want to see, from true crime stories, to unique people that deserve their lives to be talked about, and inspiring journalism, documentaries continue to breathe life into us. Similar to years past, this looks to be another successful program, put together by the Chicago Media Project and featuring a collection of films that will be talked about till award season. Here are a few of the documentaries that AMovieGuy.com thinks you must-see:  

Paula Froehle