DOC10 FILM FESTIVAL -- Choose Chicago

Now in its 4th year, the Doc10 film festival returns to Chicago!

Presented by Chicago Media Project, Doc10 will open with the critically acclaimed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez documentary KNOCK DOWN THE HOUSE and close with Emmy Award-winning director John Chester’s THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM. 

In celebration of the highly curated event, filmmakers from this year’s ten best
documentaries will be descending on Chicago for screenings and Q&A’s. Doc10 will also
showcase VR content, industry panels, and creative workshops, and takes place from April 11-
14, 2019 in Chicago, IL.

The following films will be featured at Doc10 in April:

● ANTHROPOCENE: THE HUMAN EPOCH - (Directors Jennifer Baichwal and Nicholas
De Pencier, Canada, 2018) followed by Q&A with Jennifer Baichwal and Nicholas de
● AMERICAN FACTORY - (Directors Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert, USA, 2019)
followed by Q&A with Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert
● THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM - (Director John Chester, USA, 2018) Closing Night Film
followed by Q&A
● THE DISTANT BARKING OF DOGS - (Director Simen Leren Wilmont,
Denmark/Sweden/Finland, 2017) followed by Q&A
● HAIL SATAN? - (Director Penny Lane, USA, 2018) followed by Q&A with Penny Lane
● THE INFILTRATORS - (Directors: Cristina Ibarra and Alex Rivera, USA, 2019) followed
by Q&A with Alex Rivera and Cristina Ibarra
● KNOCK DOWN THE HOUSE - (Director: Rachel Lears, USA, 2019) Opening Night Film
followed by Q&A with Rachel Lears, Robin, Sarah Olson, Stephanie Soechtig, Kristin
Lazure, Amanda Litman
● MIDNIGHT FAMILY - (Director Luke Lorentzen, Mexico/USA, 2019) followed by Q&A
with Luke Lorentzen
● MIKE WALLACE IS HERE - (Director Avi Belkin, USA, 2019) followed by Q&A
● ONE CHILD NATION - (Director Nanfu Wang, USA, 2019) followed by Q&A with Nanfu

More information can be found on their website

Paula Froehle