Saturday, April 13 @ 9:30pm

Followed by Q+A with Penny Lane (Director)


Director: Penny Lane
95min, 2018, U.S.

A wickedly funny and rousing tribute to first amendment rights, Hail Satan? chronicles The Satanic Temple, a five-year-old rabble-rousing organization that’s more like a gang of political pranksters than devil-worshipping cultists. You see, TST adherents don’t worship Lucifer, per se; they just embrace him as a symbol of activism and anti-authoritarianism. As the group grows into a worldwide ministry, filmmaker Penny Lane (Nuts!, Our Nixon) charts the Temple’s fight to preserve the separation of church and state, while also maintaining their unity and righteous reputation. Combining a “wry, light-hearted approach” (Screen Daily) and expertly edited archival footage, this “hilarious movie” (New York Times) “sets out to subvert American history with intelligence and wit” (Variety) and “further cements [Penny Lane’s] status as one of nonfiction cinema’s most fearless and unpredictable filmmakers” (Indiewire).