Friday, April 12 @ 9:30pm

Followed by Q+A with Luke Lorentzen (Director), Kellen Quinn (Producer), and via Skype Elena Fortes (Producer)


Director: Luke Lorentzen
81 min, Mexico/USA, 2018

The Ochoas are among the hardest working families in Mexico City. With a shortage of official ambulances serving the metropolis’ nine million people, the Ochoas—including 16-year-old driver Juan and his 9-year-old brother Josué—operate their own private paramedic unit, racing at top speeds at all hours in search of patients. Called “a wild—and remarkably eye-opening—ride” (Rolling Stone), this exhilarating chronicle of the Ochoas’ ethically dubious pursuits as they seek to help people and make money is “extremely visceral in the best ways,” while also revealing a shocking account of economic struggle, government corruption, and the complex, moral shadiness of surviving within a dysfunctional social order. Winner of Sundance’s Best Cinematography Prize, Midnight Family achieves “a powerful measure of suspense that’s intricately tied up in its despairing sociological depiction of a system that’s come apart at the seams” (Variety).